The Living Water Mission

Safe water is something most of us take for granted.  The reality is over 780,000,000 people in the world today lack access to safe, clean drinking water. One out of seven people in the world will spend hours every day of their lives in pursuit of water to survive and seven people die every minute of every day because of the scarcity of safe water to cook with and drink.

Women and children are the ones most impacted by the lack of readily available clean water, spending many hours daily carrying water home, sometimes walking miles to do so. Every day, 125,000,000 man hours are spent in their hunt for safe water.

For the last several years The Eden Foundation has been sending our water filtration systems to countries all around the world to provide safe drinking water to children, families and villages. We currently have devices in 19 different countries saving lives.

Our Living Water System can provide practically a lifetime of clean water for the owner. The need is great and where individual resources are limited, together we can make a big impact!

To continue the good work that the Living Water Systems are doing around the globe, we are donating the profits from each device sold back into new systems to send to water starved villages to save even more lives.

Every device we sell does change the world, it does save thank you for your contribution.