No Clean Water?

Get Clean, Safe water no matter where your adventures take you

Designed with Passion and Love!

The Eden Foundation has created a state of the art water filtration device that protects against viruses, bacterias and protozo. One of our systems can filter & purify enough water for a family of 5 in 4 hours. A spring, pond, lake, river or hand dug shallow well can provide the water needed to fill the system & provide a family with a chance at a healthy adventure free of waterborne disease.

The result of our years of research is a simple filtration system that eliminates the viruses, bacteria & parasites that rob infants, children and adults of the benefits that having access to safe water provides.

Our system is easy to use for those with the most basic skills, and designed to last for many years with simple maintenance. The reservoir is made of high strength anti-microbial material & is designed for years of rugged use. The cost per gallon of water is .0001 cents  over the lifetime of this easily maintained system.

Living Water Systems are distributed by the Eden Foundation located in Wilmington, NC. For more information or to inquire about larger orders than available online please contact Michael Little at 910-859-9021 or Lawrie Evans at  This device is patent pending .